College Finder has been created by Paul & Robin Hutchinson, as an accompaniment to their other site It has been designed to assist the Body of Christ find a Christian Colleges to study the word of God. We want to make it very easy for people to find a college near them and present the college study options in a clear and concise manner. College Finder will assist Christians when they move. Together with College Finder, this website will make the transition easier. We want to a cross denominational link to colleges across the country and overseas for distance education. This site will provide the most up to date information at all times. This website will soon become a must visit for Christians all over Australia and overseas. We will constantly promote the website and facebook will also provide a great link.

If you want to be found then list your college on College Finder!

Listen here to a recent interview for UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) and Paul Hutchinson.


Listing with us
If you can’t find your college listed or think that some of the details need updating, click here and let us know.

Why Charge?
College Finder is free to list your college. However some colleges would like to have more details for prospective students to read, so our small fee (less than $1 per week) will allow us to pay the cost associated with hosting and maintaining the website. We do not charge for a Directory Listing and all listings are maintained “free of charge”. There are over 120 colleges in our database and we are regularly interacting with the colleges to ensure we have the latest information. If changes/updates are required or to add a new college, please complete our online form located in the “How To Use” tab. We will provide colleges with statistics on how often their college appears in a search and how many people clicked through to their website.  Any request to email the college will be identified to the college as coming from College Finder, so they know their listing is working.

If you have any question regarding College Finder please do not hesitate to contact us.



Paul Hutchinson

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Robin Hutchinson 

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